Elke, 48 and Johanna, 20, experience their way as transsexuals quite differently. Whereas Elke has a hard and burdened way of life without any support, Johanna can rely on the help of her mother.

The stories show, that an accepting or at least tolerating surrounding can contribute a lot to a life worth living. The way of a concerned one from born body to felt body is difficult, even without the denial of large parts of the population.
This book was written in order to give persons between the genders a little help at hand to show: You are not alone. It is not hopeless. This book was also written to inform and to break down prejudices against transsexuals, to show that transsexuals are just ordinary people.

Johanna’s mother, “If I had had this book in my hands earlier, I could have avoided many deviations. Much would have been easier for me and my daughter Johanna”.

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