Lena Birkthal grows up protected bourgeois conditions. Her mother is a judge; her father is a popular lawyer. The circle of friends is made up of people from the upper class of society. She attends a private high school for girls and takes on studies afterwards.

Only when her parents lose their life by a car accident, she finds out that there must be a secret in her family. Suddenly, friends of the family try to get into the house. She finds weapons and pictures in the house, which makes it obvious that something´s totally wrong. Soon, she realizes that she has grown up in a world of strange rituals.
Together with a woman that stands up for women´s rights, she begins to explore the history of the matriarchy and discovers noteworthy things based upon old traditions. In the course of the years, she collects a lot of material that she has worked up in her book.
An exciting journey through the history of the matriarchy and hence through the history of the woman.

164 pages, 10,80€, ISBN: 9783839168554 – order at amazon.de